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(no subject)

May. 25th, 2010 | 08:45 am
posted by: nessmarie21 in teacup_bodies


hmm. dunno wat else to say. one word explains it all.


friends ruin everything

May. 21st, 2010 | 08:01 pm
posted by: untouchable1126 in teacup_bodies

so today my friend took me out for lunch, it was nice of her and i haven't seen her in awhile and she has anxiety issues so if i don't hang out with her she thinks it's cos i'm mad at her, not because i don't want to eat. but she ALWAYS wants to get food! and she says she wants to lose weight! arrrgh i purged it of course but i've been on such a good streak lately really didn't wanna ruin it. i still have 10-12lb to go til i reach GW1. i ordered some ephedrine online, my friend tried it and she's lost 10lb already and she doesn't even exercise. that'll definitely get me where i want. i need to replace my gym card, i think restricting is losing its effectiveness and exercise will get me the results i need. i get a ton of exercise at work, it's made me super toned. really glad i have such a good scale, it tells muscle vs fat % so sometimes if i gain weight it's because i've gained muscle, which is ok with me because it burns fat. but i really wanna see the weight go down and my ribs become more prominent. luckily now that we had lunch i can be "busy" for like another month, which should give me time to get to my goals. my mom is coming to visit me in June i wanna shock her! i'm 24 and can manipulate the blood tests so there's nothing she can do about it hahaha. i have yet to be caught by a doctor, i don't hide the weightloss (although after i reach 115 i'll have to), the doc was concerned about it and even thought i had aids or TB or something but i just said i had a personal trainer. and my blood was normal, luckily i've had severe anemia since i was born so that can't give it away and i get Depo-Provera so no periods. my mom is a big fatass and worries abt my weight loss but my dad and bf think i look great and could even stand to lose more. i don't really care what anyone thinks except other anas and what i feel when i look in the mirror. anyway gonna keep fasting and restricting, i think i'm ready for ABC now so i might plan out the first week of that now. it's great having jobs now and knowing my schedule, really helpful for planning. can't wait to be soooo thin


goal weight contest

May. 20th, 2010 | 10:34 am
mood: cold cold
posted by: rustypocket in teacup_bodies

I'm going to start making red bracelets
teacup_bodies pro ana friends
who reach goal weights
and mail them out to you
and maybe even start selling some.

you can comment on this post or privet message me,
 with you goal weight and date to reach it by
and before and after photos
i will mail you a red bracelet
I'm going to make a few so you can pick the one you want.

ps. it can be your first goal weight or last whatever point you're at.

love Stephanie.


dear ladies

May. 20th, 2010 | 09:16 am
posted by: rustypocket in teacup_bodies

this is a new pro ana community
i thought we could all use a new place that is more active on the pro ana life style!

we will have contests,group fasts, diets, tips-tricks
and a member real thinspo photo collage!
love stephanie.